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Dr. Josh Schwartzberg, Osteopathic Physician

Dr. Josh Schwartzberg is board certified in Family Practice. Josh has over 42 years experience providing the highest quality medical care in primary care/family practice as well as emergency medicine and occupational medicine. Josh lives in Essex, NY and is deeply connected to the local community.

A graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Josh has been practicing medicine in New York State since 1972 and in Vermont since 2000.  

He is an avid fly fisherman, skier, gourmet cook and instrument rated pilot who flies his Cessna on floats in summer and on skis in winter. His flying passion includes wilderness camping trips as far away as Alaska and Labrador. 

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Beth Schiller, Nurse Practitioner

Beth Schiller was originally trained as an engineer and worked as a healthcare information consultant for more then 20 years. She wanted to take care of patients instead of write and implement software solutions for clinicians. Beth enrolled at the University of Vermont in 2011 in a Masters Entry Nurse Practitioner Program and completed a Masters In Nursing in December 2014. Her hobbies include flying as a private pilot, sailing, skiing and bicycling.

When Beth moved to Upstate New York, she founded CvWireless. CvWireless provides high speed internet service to many people in the Essex/Willsboro area who would otherwise be stuck with dial up or satellite service.

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