FAA Physicals

Dr Josh Schwartzberg has been a Senior Aviation Examiner for over 20 years.  DocJosh performs flight physicals in both Willsboro and Vermont, so whichever site is more convenient to you, we can accommodate.  He and our staff perform over 500 flight physicals per year. 

DocJosh is your advocate when issues arise.  He has helped many pilots steer through the FAA special issuance maze.  We try to set pilots at ease through the process and enjoy hanger aviation stories along the way.

Doc Josh is an instrument rated private pilot and float plane pilot with over 4000 hours over the last 30 years

Class I , II and III    $150

Class I  w/ECG       $200

Answers to common issues:

•  First time reporting of hypertension

•  Subsequent reporting of hypertension

•  First time reporting of stent/heart attack and other coronary problems

•  Diabetes, oral medications initial reporting and followup

•  Diabetes followup form

•  Arrhythmia

•  Glaucoma

•  Sleep Apnea Compliance Form

Don't forget to do your paperwork online.  We can no longer use pen and paper for your medical  :-)